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News | Apr 02, 2019

Avalanche Awareness Quiz - 2019

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Winter is just around the corner here in New Zealand. Are you ready to head into the backcountry? Check yourself against these questions from Chief Guide Tim Steward to see how "avalanche aware" you are.

  1. What is the most likely trigger of fatal avalanches?
  2. What snowpack characteristics can you expect when a danger of slab avalanches is identified in the AvalancheAdvisory?
  3. In what circumstances can can small point release avalanches be especially dangerous?
  4. During periods of what level of avalanche danger are the most fatalities likely to occur?
  5. Which is the most important warning sign of dangerous avalanche conditions?
  6. Around what features can you expect the snowpack to be thinner and how does this affect the likelihood of triggering avalanches?
  7. What size of avalanches can be expected during times of MODERATE avalanche danger?
  8. What biases can affect our decision making when travelling in avalanche terrain and how can they be mitigated against?
  9. If you are buried in an avalanche, how long before your probability of survival drops below 20%?

Want to know your score? Email your answers through to us at climb@aspiringguides.com and we will let you know how you scored.

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