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Common Questions

As a general rule: the more technically advanced/higher climb grade - the lower the guide-to-client ratio. All professional mountain guides contracted to Aspiring Guides are qualified professionals and operate under the terrain guidelines issued by the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association.

Our maximum group size for introductory mountaineering/ climbing courses is typically 1 guide with 4 clients. We write this as 1:4 guide ratio. Advanced courses run with 2 (1:2) or 3 (1:3) clients depending on the course & objectives. As a general rule: the more technically advanced/ higher climb grade - the lower the guide to client ratio. Private instruction is also available 1:1 or 1:2.

We can also offer instruction and mountaineering trips for larger groups but the maximum guide to client ratio stays the same - eg. 2 guides : 8 clients. If you have a larger private group, contact us for further details.

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