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Common Questions

Rough and unformed tracks can be created simply by infrequent foot traffic and have not been improved, like many Great Walk tracks, to make the going easier. Even on our easier Wild Walks, there may be streams to cross (resulting in wet boots), tree roots, slips and washouts, fallen trees or steeper track sections to negotiate.

On our more demanding treks (such as Rabbit Pass and the Adelaide Cirque) there may not be any evidence that people have travelled through previously as you make your way through tussock and scrub and over loose rock scree. Sometimes there is significant exposure to falling and hikers need to be good on their feet to use small footholds and ledges. On steeper sections, you will be using your hands. On these challenging treks, the route can also follow features rather than a track such as wet or dry river beds where there will be slippery sections and boulders of all sizes to negotiate. Rivers are for the most part unbridged, and numerous crossings may be required. Travelling on foot on rough terrain requires a lot of concentration, can be tiring and slow going. Despite a modest distance, the journey can take some time, but it is ultimately rewarding!

Our offices are located at 58 McDougall St, Wanaka. We are a 10-15 minute walk from the centre of town. Here's a google map of our office location.

Unless otherwise instructed, your guide will meet you at 4.30pm the day before the start of your Wild Walk. If you need a pick-up from your accommodation, please let us know. At this meeting, your clothing and equipment will be checked and final details of your trip discussed. There will be time for last-minute gear purchases if required.

Good travel insurance is essential. In addition to medical/accident cover, we highly recommend purchasing travel cancellation insurance. In some instances, our clients have injured themselves in totally unrelated accidents or had a family emergency which has meant that they have had to cancel their trips at short notice. Unfortunately, we were unable to resell their places and had to insist on our cancellation policy. A bad situation for everyone! But it’s also one that can be avoided with relatively cheap travel insurance. You may have your own preferred travel insurer. If not, here are some suggestions.
We do not recommend any company over any other.

New Zealand Alpine Club Cover – available to Australian members while hiking in NZ http://alpineclub.org.nz/living-in-australia/New Zealand Alpine Club Loss of Deposits Cover – available to NZ members while hiking in NZ http://alpineclub.org.nz/living-in-new-zealand/​Insure4Less - Australians only: for more challenging Wild Walks where ropes or technical equipment required https://www.insure4less.com.au/page/rock-climbing-travel-insurance/, for easier Wild Walks https://www.insure4less.com.au/page/policies/backpacker-travel-insurance/

You will only need to carry your own personal clothing and gear: no tents, food or cooking supplies. Check the equipment and clothing required on the specific trip page as this varies for each trip. There will also be an indication of your pack weight.

All our Wild Walks are physically demanding though our small group size means that you can go at your own pace. The fitter you are, the more you will achieve, and the more you will be able to enjoy the experience. Some experience walking on rough terrain is also the key, the better you are at this, the more efficiently you can travel, and the less energy you will expend.

All Wild Walks will have some degree of up and downhill, but on those that cross alpine passes (such as Gillespie and Rabbit Pass), you can expect steep sections of around 500m vertically up and down. The advantage of these trips is that, due to the stocked camps, your pack weight will be light. On our more remote Wild Walks without serviced huts or campsites you will be carrying food and overnight equipment, so specific training with heavier loads (around 15 Kg) will help.

The maximum group size for all our scheduled Wild Walk hiking tours is one guide with 5 clients. We write this 1:5. Typically our average group size is 3-4 people although all our trips have guaranteed departures for just 2 people.

However, we often cater for larger private groups and have operated hiking adventures in the NZ Southern Alps for groups of 10+ people. Please contact us if you would like to organise a spectacular hiking adventure for your group.

Transport & Travel Information

Yes, no problem. We have storage for anything you aren't taking on your trip. There's no electricity, internet or phone connection available on any of our trips - so it's best to leave most of your electronic gear with us for the duration of your trip.

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