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Payment Details

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Payment Terms

We require a NZ$500 deposit to confirm your place for any climbing, skiing or Wild Walks trip, with the balance of the trip price due 60 days prior to the trip start date.

Please ensure that you have read our booking terms & conditions carefully. If you have any questions at all - please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to make payment for your trip?

We offer a number of ways to make payment for your trip - please see our suggestions below.

Internet Banking - NZ Clients

If you have a NZ Bank Account you can transfer funds directly into our account. Please don't forget to use your full name as a reference.

Account Name:Aspiring Guides
Bank Branch:Westpac Wanaka
Account Number03-1739-0157967-000
Reference:Your full name
International Monetary Transfer - Overseas Clients

Payment by credit card of large amounts in a foreign currency can be expensive given the poor exchange rates offered and fees charged by the credit card companies. Many banks and web-based exchange dealers now offer an online service to transfer funds overseas offering much better rates and lower fees.

Bank IMT
For any payment by International Monetary Transfer, we will absorb up to NZ$27 in transaction fees in total per person per trip, but any additional fees charged to us as a result of your payment will be added to your account. TIP: If using IMT, a transfer fee NZ$15 - 27 is usually deducted from your payment at the NZ end of the transaction. Since this transfer fee is deducted whether you are sending NZ$500 or a larger balance of, say $2000, it often makes sense to pay your deposit by Credit Card (with $15 surcharge) and pay the balance by IMT where we will cover the fees (up to $27).

Using the old system of International Telegraphic Transfer is not a recommended method of payment as both you & Aspiring Guides will be charged significant bank charges. It is always a good idea to ask your bank about all the fees that will be charged to you and us before you make the transfer.

If you wish to make payment via an international monetary transfer - here are our details:

Name of BankRegistered Office
Wespac New Zealand Ltd
Address:Auckland, NZ
Account Name:Aspiring Guides NZ Ltd
Account Number:03-1739-0157967-000
Web-based Foreign Exchange dealers

There is now a range of very good web based Foreign Exchange dealers who can offer extremely competitive exchange rates and very low fees for sending money overseas. Companies like xe.comand currencyonline.com.

While we do not specifically recommend one company over another we have had many good experiences using a company called OFX (Australian based Macquarie Bank) . [They also have the same services in NZ (OFX - NZ), UK (OFX - UK), US (OFX - US) & Canada (OFX - CA] and also a service called Tranzfers. Our clients have also used and recommended Currency Online. If you are travel overseas regularly or you often have a need to send funds overseas for other reasons, you may find this foreign exchange service very competitive. There is some set up time at the beginning to register with them but once you have an account it's a very simple online process. Tranzfers is generally best for sending less than NZ$2,000 and OFX etc for sending amounts larger than NZ$2,000.

Please note that we do not receive any commission or any other benefit from OFX for recommending their services. We make the recommendation, solely for the purpose of reducing the expense of transferring foreign currency to both to you and us & to help you get a better exchange rate than banks traditionally offer.

Payment by Credit Card

We accept VISA & Mastercard only. Email us for a payment link.

While making payment by Credit Card is quick and easy and often comes with benefits like air miles & insurance - it is not free. Both you and Aspiring Guides, pay transaction & merchant fees and you often receive a very poor exchange rate on the transfer. With more than 50% of our clients now paying by international funds transfer or web based foreign exchange dealers, we no longer build the "hidden cost" of credit card fees into our trip prices - so you can choose if you want to pay for the convenience and/or benefits of using your credit card but please be aware that we add a 3% surcharge to any credit card transaction. Please note that this charge still applies to pre-loaded currency travel credit cards.

Note for Overseas Clients using Credit Card payment. It is becoming more common for Bank/ Card Issuers to block large value "unexpected overseas" transactions. Before you make a large payment for your balance to us, it's a good idea to let your bank/card issuer know about the transaction to ensure clear processing.

If you choose to pay by Credit Card, we will send you a link to the credit card site where you can make your payment.

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