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News | Dec 24, 2019


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Climbing Mont Blanc is something more than just getting to the summit of a peak.

The most important thing to remember is that Mountaineering (Alpinism) was born on Mont Blanc.

In the late 18th century, inspired by the Illuminism movement (Age of Enlightenment), scientists wanted to know everything about the world we live on and what humans can do. To get to the top of Mont Blanc was inspired by scientist Horace Bénédict de Saussure, who was curious about the performance of the human body at such high altitude.

The "game started," and while de Saussure was successful in many other alpine ascents, he was unable to summit Mt Blanc in his 1785 attempt. He invited other scientists and climbers to try, and in 1786 Michel Paccard and Jacques Balmat made it. The next year, De Saussure made the summit at last, as the peak’s third ascent.

After that moment, more people started to desire/dream to get there. Slowly, as a baby challenges itself to stand up and walk, Alpinists did the first steps. Insecure, with errors, but also with that inner/self-inspiration that never stops a curious soul, the movement got bigger.

All the summits have been climbed since then. The gear got better, the people stronger and more ambitious with bigger dreams, and their ability and safety also improved.

Still we go up there. Why?

To test ourselves, our fears, our minds and bodies. To find Nature’s challenge or connection. To leave part of the valley’s comfort and feel a taste of wilderness, this real weather that remains undomesticated...which we try to navigate through.

The experience of Mont Blanc is all these things. It is, nowadays, a way to understand the meaning of Nature and Wilderness with its immense power, the relationship between us humans and the world we live in/on.

Any experience gives us a better understanding of what we are and why we do things.


In June/July 2019 I guided a trip with a couple from Australia.

A trip for sharing a passion, to bring and introduce the person you love to the magic world of the “Terre Alte.”

That’s what happened with Michael and Jo.

As an introduction to big mountains for Jo, we opted for an alternative that could give her the best chance to fully enjoy the experience, changing our objective from Mont Blanc to Gran Paradiso.

Gran Paradiso is a lovely mountain in the Western Alps. It is the only 4000m peak fully located in Italy and is the highest point of one of the oldest italian National Parks.

Over a week we moved from the first steps in a glaciated environment to the summit of Gran Paradiso.

The “Mont Blanc” trip is adjustable in length and difficulty according to the skills and goals of the clients. Many alternatives are possible, as there are 82 4000m peaks around the Alps! Some more quiet than others.

If Mont Blanc is your goal, the route to get to the summit from the Italian side or the Royal traverse are advanced/expert options and both are not so crowded.

The Goutier route is the “easier” route, but must not be underestimated.

Come explore the Alps from east to west...from Austria to France, through Italy and Switzerland. From the Dolomites to Gran Paradiso passing through Piz Bernina, Eiger, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Mont Blanc.

Many awesome 3000m peaks are also around with plenty of challenge. Grossglokner, Ortler, Piz Palu’, pic d’Arolla, Aiguilles Doree, Le tour Ronde and many others.

Find out more about our various International Trips here!

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