News | Jun 30, 2018

Splitboarding 101

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We had a great night at our first free info session of the winter season with a thorough presentation by splitboarding expert and Aspiring Guide Tom Willmott. Tom is also Head Coach for the Snow Sports NZ Park and Pipe Programme - he knows his stuff and broke it down so everyone, from beginners to experienced splitboarders, had something to take away from the night.

One of Tom’s points was that splitboarding gear has come a long way since its introduction, making both the gear and the amazing peaks we want to explore more accessible. With tips on making quick transitions, wearing the right layers, and choosing effective equipment, he dispelled the common belief that splitboarders are too inefficient to keep up with skiers. Of course, it helps if the splitboarder is quicker up the mountain!

On hand for the evening was Richard Harcourt from Splitn2.com, a Christchurch-based splitboard manufacturer and wholesaler. Richard also helps keen backcountry-seekers convert their snowboards into splitboards, which is encouraging news to many who are intimidated by the cost of a new splitboard.

Have you considered giving splitboarding a go? Check out our Backcountry Splitboard Course and Backcountry Touring Courses to take your boarding or skiing to the next level -- away from the crowds!

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